V2lab Blog Changes (Again…)

Well… it’s that time of the year again; where I try to figure out what we’re doing or what direction we’re going. This time I think I got it figured out (10 years later – literally November 1st was our 10 year anniversary). I have recently launched a full Youtube (Vlog) channel (Click Here!) that I am actively posting on and making videos for (as of this entry – I’ve made 96 videos in the past 4 months) and have been shooting to learn more and more about cinematography (hopefully you can see the progress in the videos too!). I am currently working on finishing a few photoshoots that I did immediately after SEMA; I shot 10 cars immediately after – So the coverage (photos only!) have been put on the backburner (but the vlogs are fully up).

SEMA Day 1

SEMA Day 2 & 3

SEMA Day 4

I have also recently fully launched our streetwear brand; which is completely different than V2lab (but still built under the branding & direction of) called SORCERY. I have done shirts, hoodies, hats, and stickers so far and plan to continue pushing to bring the brand forward stronger. It is a full separation from V2lab as a brand but all the behind the scenes of it all (presented through the vlog & blog). Be sure to check out the instagram for Sorcery (@SRCRY).

V2lab as a whole isn’t changing or anything per say – It just has a face now (mine via the vlog) it is more focused and more specific; V2lab the media company (that it always was); Sorcery the clothing & streetwear brand; and now that everything is on track to make things happen. The next step is to get TEAMV2LAB back in order to bring back the team.


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