SEMA (2016) – The Blog Posts (Coming Soon)

SEMA happened a couple of months ago (November to be exact) and I rushed to put out a 3 part video series covering the 4 days that we were in Las Vegas coupled with some of our outside-the-show experiences. While I got all of that done in a timely manner the photo sets took a back seat to having schedule 10 photoshoots back to back to back when I got back from Vegas (to Florida). I took care of all of that, got my clothing brand (SORCERY) up and running and now I am playing catch up.

New Vlogs will be also coming soon (as if you’re reading this right now) I am just waiting for my eye to heal up. Everything coming soon. Keep checking back or I’ll mention it in the vlog when it’s all done. Also before I forget there will be a new ‘front end’ to V2Lab very shortly outlining some of our actual services as a creative company. I’ll link that too when it is all ready to go.

Link to the SEMA Vlogs.

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