V2LAB | I Love Driving Slow – Summer Vibes (2017)
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I Love Driving Slow – Summer Vibes (2017)

Summer in Florida is filled with rainy days, scorching hot weather, and sometimes, just sometimes… A perfect day or two. This past weekend I Love Driving Slow of Tampa, Florida put together an event taking over the historic streets of Ybor City. The weather cooperated perfectly, the cars were great, the scenery was perfect, and everything just came together for one of those – perfect days.

In the midst of myself shooting this vlog (above), Nalanie shot (these) photos for our event coverage. I wanted to add a little bit of flare to them – giving some different color treatment to each and really trying to put effort into capturing more artistic, atmospheric images as opposed to the general event coverage (being that the event pages are flooded with snapshots anyways).