V2LAB | GridLife South (2017)
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GridLife South (2017)

Last year things didn’t work out in our favor for attending GridLife South – but this year, all the stars aligned and things worked out! I put together a VLOG below detailing our entire trip from Orlando to Georgia for 1 Day at GridLife (* Saturday). Below are a combination of photos and video taken by myself & @Nalanie to really try and capture the atmosphere and some of the cars at the event. Special Thank you to Joe at Southrnfresh for the hook up this past weekend!

One of the cleanest Z34’s I’ve ever seen.

You can never go wrong with Regas.

There were a lot of brown cars in Georgia – All of them looked great too.

Very Clean Mk4 Jetta.

I like this trend of people modding four door Skylines.

SouthrnFresh holding it down

The pits were just as hectic as expected – Tons of movement and people trying to get their cars prepped to head back out on to the track.

ChaseBay’s E36

M u s t a n g b o y z (Denofa in his Demo car on the left)

One of the main attractions of the weekend – Hert (of Hoonigan’s) Twerkstallion FC RX7 with it’s newest look.

Chairslayer’s S13

Forsberg’s La Flama Family Sedan.

Kevin Lawrence of Enjuku Racing in his demo car (R32)

Road Race Civic making it’s way through the pits.

No Mind Drift.

Another one of the crazier things this weekend – The Donut.Media guys were out in Big body Mercedes chasing people around the track for footage.

This was one of my favorite cars of the entire weekend – Alex Docken of No Mind Drift (@DabSedan)

One of Local Celebrities – Adam LZ

I saw this car drive by – I don’t know much about it – but it looks awesome.


Just a little bit of the drifting at the top of the track.

The Top Garage FD RX7 was also one of my favorite cars to see out sliding – sadly it wrecked into a yellow S13 (see video above for footage).

Straight out of Forza.

Hert, now with 10% more SORCERY.

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Falken Cars…?

After the drifting we headed back through the pits – Shoutout to Maxxis Tires & Ted for all the rides around the track!

There were definitely some cool cars littered through the general parking areas too – You just had to keep your eyes open for em’

Spotted the AWD ARMY guys doing an on site alignment the OG way – with string.

& Of course what would coverage be without a couple snaps of the Ludacris Concert.

Hope you enjoyed our coverage & the video – Thank you for viewing!