Mini-Update & I broke some stuff….

In the midst of updating the mainpage; – we had to delete some of the databases that were causing the server to not accept the wordpress install…. with that being said – we lost some of our archives (which were the director) which was an older version of the site – i believe ~2013-2014 years of coverage; while I am sad that we lost that – I am just going to cut the loses and not try to go back and fix any of that but move forward and take this portion of the site more seriously (and be more active). I also plan to – in the near future – redo the v2lab tumblr – which has a mess of posts and such that I think could be re-done and/or done better. Anyhow please check out the front page if you get a chance – it’s in the works and getting nicer:

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SEMA (2016) – The Blog Posts (Coming Soon)

SEMA happened a couple of months ago (November to be exact) and I rushed to put out a 3 part video series covering the 4 days that we were in Las Vegas coupled with some of our outside-the-show experiences. While I got all of that done in a timely manner the photo sets took a back seat to having schedule 10 photoshoots back to back to back when I got back from Vegas (to Florida). I took care of all of that, got my clothing brand (SORCERY) up and running and now I am playing catch up.

New Vlogs will be also coming soon (as if you’re reading this right now) I am just waiting for my eye to heal up. Everything coming soon. Keep checking back or I’ll mention it in the vlog when it’s all done. Also before I forget there will be a new ‘front end’ to V2Lab very shortly outlining some of our actual services as a creative company. I’ll link that too when it is all ready to go.

Link to the SEMA Vlogs.

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Thursday Night Meet (Snaps + Vlog)

Every Thursday Night around 10PM, there is a meet at Buffalo Wild Wings in Cassleberry, Florida. The meet is usually pretty relaxed, of course with the occasional nonsense… but it makes for a good time none-the-less. I have included a couple photos from last weeks meet and a vlog from the week before.

A newly acquired 240sx on Work VS-KF’s

The Serrot Built Suzuki Samurai powered with a 13b rotary.

Jesse’s Blob-Eye STI.

Team Sunworks Z33 equipped with rear chassis mounted battle-aero.

Last week’s vlog mixed in with the Thursday Night Car Meet from that week (First Week of 2017).

If you liked the vlog be sure to subscribe on Youtube:

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Trends that need to End. (New Year, New Me?)

Happy New Year! Okay, lets get down to it – I’ve got a list of some trends I would like to see get left behind in 2016. Leave a comment below, let me know if this list sucks, or if you agree, or if you have a few other things that should be left behind going into 2017.

(source: Slam Sanctuary)

1. Sudani Style. If you’re new to the car scene – you’ve probably never heard this term before but for the most part it references an extreme stretched tire or a 4 piece wheel (as opposed to 3) where there is a gap between the tire and the edge of the wheel lip. In my opinion; it always comes across as ‘trying too hard’

(source: unknown)

(source: Cambergang)

2. Un-Even Camber
– Such as; Faux Drift Set ups.
– Front Wheel Drive cars with NO front camber and -20 degrees of rear camber.
(ps: neither one of these cars look bad – I chose 2 well built cars to not ‘offend’ anyone) & No I’m not a “hater” – I just think we need to even things out a bit to balance the “look”

(source: unknown)

3. Bumper Quick Disconnects with the rubber bands. It’s time for these to go. We get it, you’re low, your bumper pops off from time to time… or your car just breaks a lot. But there are way cleaner solutions for this. Google fam.

(source: KinodCollective)

4. Bragging about being “Low” – We get it, you lowered your car. We get it, you scrape everywhere. We get it, you want attention… but seriously no one is impressed… We’ve seen one of everything slammed before, do something new, unique, different, or just chill… but please stop bragging about “being low” – be cool mannnnn (or womannnn).


5. Being on Air and having an obnoxious Ride Height. With all the fancy new air suspension controllers, levelers, and everything else – there is no excuse for you to drive around aired up to stock ride height. Nope. None.


6. People that hard-park on Real Wheels but criticize people participating in motorsports for running Cast/Replica Wheels. If you saved up for some three-piece wheels, or some Volks, or whatever motorsport based wheel and all you do is go to car shows, you have no room to speak on anyone running a cheaper-cast wheel participating in Motorsports; Like if you try to give an opinion you should automatically be banned from Xbox Live and your Forza disc should just break itself. Stop it. Go drive your car if you still want to talk shit (which I assume if you drove your car – you’d know how expensive participating in motorsports actually is and you wouldn’t talk shit) then by all means.

7. Breaking The Internet / Build Reveals on Instagram / Telling people your plans. You’re not going to break the internet. You don’t need to build hype. Just let your project speak for itself – show up, wow people, and bask in your glory…. And if it sucks, well… at least you won’t have to read through an entire page of disappointed comments. Don’t be mad if your 9″ lips & Candy Pink Wheel faces don’t land you a 1000 new followers… it’s okay! Just have fun, don’t do it for the gram.

8. Using the word “Build” — Lets just go ahead and stop using the word “Build”. Lets go back to just calling them project cars. This is my project, my project is never ending, I am still “working on” my project.

9. Reminding everyone ‘that’s your old car’ or ‘tagging your buddy in every post of his – old car’ – when a new owner has it, or has bought the car; if you sold the car – cut ties – it’s over fam. Let it go.

10. Fake Bride Backpacks. Do I even need to explain this? No? Okay, cool.


11. Suh-Dude, Dabbing, & 2 Finger Over the Eye Pose (The New JDM Pose). No to all of that. You’ve killed it, over-done it, & no one thinks its cool anymore.

Happy New year Everyone!
Ps. I’m sure my grammar is all fucked up – I wrote this as I was planning to film it… but I didn’t have time so I wrote it here instead.

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100th Vlog!

I made it! haha I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep putting out content for the vlog; After my foot broke the daily vlogs stopped… after I got back on my feet – I tried to get things back on track but as it seems things took their own course and I really started growing and learning more about actually filming better. Hopefully if you follow along with the vlogs you can see the growth and everything. Check out the r-cap and if you haven’t yet check out some of the vlogs on the youtube channel:

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Winterfest Photo Coverage (by SORCERY)

Here is the photo coverage of the Winterfest event via Devin Dees for our Sorcery Brand. I have recently uploaded all the images to the facebook page as well as our flickr page (Click here for FLICKR) which I think will provide the best quality for resharing purposes.

Photos by Devin Dees for Sorcery.

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Winterfest Prep. & Show-Day Coverage

WinterFest Prep. The days leading up to the show I vlogged this gist of all the things we ran around doing. Pretty much just getting stuff together before the show including the SORCERY flags and brakes on the Evo.

WinterFest Show Coverage. Hopefully you enjoy the coverage – I tried to do all of it using the Ronin M so I didn’t do as much talking as I would have liked but I shot a lot and learned more about using the Ronin in terms of filming. Everytime I go out I try to learn a little more and more about developing the videos and building up the cinematic-ness of it all. Hopefully the next vlog will be even better as it is #100!

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Vossen Tour & Art Basel

We took a trip down to Miami for the Annual Art-Basel event that takes place in Wynwood & at the Miami Beach Convention Center but on the way down we made a quick stop in the Vossen Wheels. Mike hooked us up with a tour and I picked up my surprise set of wheels! Watch the vlog for that one! After that we (myself, my girlfriend, & Daniel from Swerv) hit up Wynwood for the beginning of the weekend and Art Walk around the walls. After that we hit up the convention center for the main show adn explored all of the art in the gallery – check out the video.

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